Input list from the user python take array of input python how to read elements into an array in python input an array in python ho wto get array input python inputing a list in python take array as user input in python python array input function array input in python code input lists python how to ask a user to input a list of numbers.

This works to answer the posters question and it is efficient but i was trying to take the logarithm of a 2 dimensional array for that i used numpy log10 instead ndash mikey.

Read python numpy log examples python numpy empty 3d array here we can see how to create an empty 3 dimension array by using python in this example we are going to use an np empty method for creating an empty array in python this function does not set the values to zero it takes only random values syntax.

Another example to create a 2 dimension array in python by using the np arange and reshape method we can perform this particular task in python the numpy arange function is based on numerical range and it is an inbuilt numpy function that always returns a ndarray object while np reshape method is used to shape a numpy array without updating its data.

Python code implementation using classes in this code we will create a two dimensional array using classes we will take input from the user for row size and column size and pass it while creating the object array object we will then call the function using array object create 2d array the function will return the two dimensional array.

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