In windows powershell 4 0 and windows powershell 3 0 microsoft offered an updated method for interacting with wmi the cimcmdlets module for windows powershell with this new windows powershell module release microsoft also released an entirely new application programming interface api for windows called management infrastructure mi.

You can take advantage of powershells ability to add net types to the current session and nets p invoke to call windows apis in order to grant a user the log on as a service permission from powershell as a minimal example you first need to add some new net types to the current powershell session to work with the windows api.

Use a powershell script that runs the search unifiedauditlog cmdlet in exchange online to search the audit log this script is optimized to return a large set of audit records each time you run it the script exports these records to a csv file that you can view or transform using power query in excel.

Note for more information about the basics of this technique see filtering event log events with powershell specify multiple log names one of the way cool features of the get winevent cmdlet is that it will accept an array of log names this means that i can query for events from the application the system and even from the security log at the same time.

Fim mim service powershell module the lithnet fim mim service powershell module is designed to make working with the fim service faster and easier it abstracts away the complexity of the fim service and the fimautomation powershell module and exposes a robust set of cmdlets for creating updating deleting and searching for resources.

To log on to your account run the following command add azureaccount after logging into azure azure powershell creates a context for the given session that context contains the azure powershell environment account tenant and subscription that will be used for all cmdlets within that session now you are ready to use the modules below.

Get winevent listlog powershell events of a specific event log once youve found the event log you want to parse use the logname parameter for example the following command lists all events from the system log get winevent logname system as you probably know windows organizes log files in a hierarchical tree structure.

Learn how to set up automatic event log forward using a powershell script thus making active directory auditing easier since windows event collector service is disabled by default we need to ensure it rsquo s running and set to autostart to do this we can simply run wecutil qc which will do both for us quickly.

In the above example powershell is using the arbitrary registered source ata script created earlier this source is required to write an entry to the windows application log using a custom sources like this works well for simple scenarios like event logging for a custom windows service recording results from a simple powershell function.

Summary microsoft scripting guy ed wilson talks about using a filter hash table to filter the event log with windows powershell microsoft scripting guy ed wilson is here the weather here in charlotte north carolina has turned hot and humid as a result the scripting wife decided to migrate north for a while.

Powershell has a built in transcript feature to save all commands and outputs shown in the ps console to a text log file to log your current powershell session the start transcript cmdlet is used after running the command a message appears showing the file the output of all commands is logged to.

In this post well have a look at how we can export log analytics logs using powershell there is a wide range of monitoring capabilities for watching azure services when it comes to logging log analytics workspaces are important instruments on azure where we manage the logs as the first step of the monitoring lifecycle.

As we all know azure log analytics is a great log and analytics platform where we can insert data from basically any data source we can utilize management solutions in azure monitor or use powershell to collect data and send it via omsingestionapi module to azure log analytics ala.

Open a powershell console as an administrator and invoke the get winevent cmdlet passing it the filterhashtable and maxevents parameter as shown below the command below queries your system rsquo s security log logname security for event id 4625 id 4625 and returns the first 10 newest instances maxevents 10.

Top 10 powershell script to check the windows service on a remote server powershell is an object oriented automation engine and scripting language with an interactive command line shell that microsoft developed to help it professionals configure systems and automate administrative tasks.

Set logon as a service right to user using local security policy follow the below steps to set log on as service right via local security policy 1 open the run window by pressing lsquo windows rsquo lsquo r rsquo keys 2 type the command secpol msc in the text box and click ok.

Now we need to test that the service principal works and that we can connect to azure through a powershell terminal but before you can sign in you will need your tenant id to find this you can run the following command get azcontext tenant id then to sign in with a service principal you can run the following code.