Fuzzys lightning strike raider people have found lots of new tech and ways to push this build to insane levels easily clearing wave 30 simulacrums i will gather all the different pobs and ideas ready to update the guide fully for 3 17.

Im running cast on death portal this league for the first time and its so much qol somewhat sad tough otherwise i really liked the build up until late red maps switched to sst now because it just feels smoother to play.

Culling strike support body armor spectral shield throw brutality support deadly ailments support vicious projectiles support swift affliction support unbound ailments support gloves blood rage enduring cry boots dash vaal molten shell portal second wind support 2h weapon none 1h weapon war banner malevolence herald of purity.

Lunawolve has been playing path of exile religiously since the release of the 3 0 expansion and the harbinger challenge league having focused primarily on softcore gameplay with attack based and usually short ranged builds he has gained a proficiency in managing and creating builds that excel in both offensive and defensive power for those ranges.

Kingmaker grants nearby allies culling strike fortify precision portal cold snap precision odealo is a secure marketplace for poe currency and unique items where trades are made by regular players with the use of real money.