These relationships become key components of your mental health and overall well-being The categories in "Medicaid Update Topics A to Z" present articles that have been grouped over time through renaming or Billing Changes for Personal Care Services, Home Health Aide Services, Homemaker Services, Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Programs and Supplemental Day Habilitation Provided to Individuals Living in OPWDD Certified Residences - August 2015; NYS Medicaid Coverage of Postpartum Maternal Depression Screening - July 2015Ensure that operational expenditure for the site/s is managed within agreed budgets and identify efficiencies where possible Assist with the annual budgeting and quarterly forecasting processes for the site/s Help to develop and approve the annual capital plan for each building, interfacing closely with the client representative List all current non-OPWDD servicesNON-OPWDD SERVICES & NATURAL SUPPORTS The routine upper limit specified in the PEP and/or the cash actually maintained at the residence for any individual shall not exceed the monthly personal Dec 06, 2021 (iii) The personal expenditure plan shall specify an upper limit on the amount of cash that shall routinely be maintained under the control of staff at the residence for each resident Recommended: The "Search All Medicaid Update Issues" box at the top of this page performs a search of any words used within only Medicaid Update articles Search results are a combination of closeness-of-match and recency of postingJan 25, 2019 Self-Direction Nurtures Personal Relationships When you choose trusted friends and loved ones to be your caregivers, you can develop even stronger bonds Please also list any natural supports the individual has in their life, including those provided by family, friends, neighbors and communitySearch Functions These include formal services provided by another state agency, county, and/or another service system