The logitech k400 plus scores low for home theatre pc setups since it doesnt have bluetooth or backlighting however if you dont care about those features the logitech k400 plus has a built in trackpad to easily navigate your pc without a mouse also it has volume control buttons and media hotkeys.

By default the top row of keys on your k400 plus keyboard are assigned to navigation and media controls you can set the keyboard to only use standard f1 f12 functions using logitech options software.

The k270 is a unifying logitech device so you may buy a unifying usb receiver online and both the keyboard and mouse will work once you load the unifying application the k400 plus is also unifying so you may need the app to connect it as well search logitech unifying software free download.

The logitech k380 is a better keyboard than the logitech k400 plus the k380s compact size is easier to travel with and it can connect to any mobile device with bluetooth support unlike the k400 plus however the k400 plus does have a trackpad which makes it more ideal for a smart tv set up.

Logitech unifying software v 2 50 25 is the most recent version available all of the above mentioned files are stored on logitech rsquo s server we don rsquo t host or change any files in any way logitech rsquo s proprietary software is called logitech unifying logitech unifying software gives you the ability to connect your usb devices to your computer.

Logitech k400 why you should buy this it rsquo s a super compact all in one keyboard and touchpad who it rsquo s for people who don rsquo t have a.