Since the initial release of log parser studio lps there have been over 30 000 downloads and thousands of customers use the tool on a daily basis in exchange support many of our engineers use the tool to solve real world issues every day and in turn share with our customers empowering them to solve the same issues themselves moving forward.

Log parser provides a generic sql like language on top of many types of data like iis logs event viewer entries xml files csv files file system and others and it allows you to export the result of the queries to many output formats such as csv comma separated values etc xml sql server charts and others and it works well with iis 5 6 7 and 7 5.

To download the log parser studio please see the attachment on this blog post anyone who regularly uses log parser 2 2 knows just how useful and powerful it can be for obtaining valuable information from iis internet information server and other logs in addition adding the power of sql allows explicit searching of gigabytes of logs returning only the data.

Log parser is a tool that has been around for quite some time almost six years in fact i can rsquo t really do any better than the description on the official download page so here it is ldquo log parser is a powerful versatile tool that provides universal query access to text based data such as log files xml files and csv files as well as key data sources on the windows.

Currently access to media studio is given on an invite only basis if you have been invited into the beta go to studio twitter com and log in using your twitter username if you are logging in for your first time you will see a welcome message explaining how to use the tool.

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Id name 1 tom 2 carl 3 mark there are number of ways you can get the csv file parsing started with minimal setup 3 1 quick load data first approach it is the zero config quick way to load a csv file in no time no poco object is required.

Note for more information about the basics of this technique see filtering event log events with powershell specify multiple log names one of the way cool features of the get winevent cmdlet is that it will accept an array of log names this means that i can query for events from the application the system and even from the security log at the same time.

I was working on an older folder based asp net web project which i loathe and found this to be my fix create an app code folder if you didnt have one already move the global asax vb file into the app code folder the markup in global asax can leave out any namespaces at least for this style of project afaik.

Download v1 7 0 2 5 mb introduction in 1992 microsoft introduced the rich text format for specifying simple formatted text with embedded graphics initially intended to transfer such data between different applications on different operating systems ms dos windows os 2 and apple macintosh today this format is commonly used in windows for enhanced.

Summary microsoft scripting guy ed wilson talks about using windows powershell to see what windows defender has detected microsoft scripting guy ed wilson is here tomorrow is windows powershell saturday in atlanta there are still a few tickets left but in the last few days they have disappeared with a quickness.

For json format log files on windows visual studio 2019 update 4 is now the minimum version for mysql compilation bug 31655401 the minimum version of the boost library for server builds is now 1 73 0 from mysql 8 0 22 the group replication ip whitelist system variable is deprecated and the.

Complete list of useful and must have add ins for sql server management studio this is a list of 35 ssms add ins updated on jan 24 2019.