Led tube lights with single end wiring only support non shunted sockets and depending on the light previously in the fixture may require rewiring to learn more about led tube lights check out our t5 t8 and t12 led tubes explained guide below are some typical examples of how shunted or non shunted sockets might look.

In short yes led lighting technology has come to a point where the efficiency makes it hard to justify keeping your old fluorescent or incandescent bulbs in place even though the initial replacement costs to choose tube led tubes will be higher you will see energy savings that will pay for those up front costs within 2 years in most cases.

Non shunted rapid tombstone tubes are compatible with t12 sockets they enable you to replace your led lamps without any issues but if your fixtures work with t8 bulbs then you have to convert them to t12 first before led tubes can be put in although the wiring for this is simple it rsquo s still important to employ an electrician for the task especially when working on a.

The led tubes included use 30 less power to produce the same amount of light as fluorescent fixtures the led lamps are a low maintenance solution that eliminates the need to replace wired ballasts and drivers because the power source is in the tube because its led you will never hear the hum that fluorescent fixtures make.

Nanlite has announced the pavotube ii 15x and 30x rgbww led pixel tubes updating the popular fixtures to include pixel based special effects dmx compatibility boosted output better diffusion a stronger housing and revamped app control an on location favorite these portable lights can provide a splash of color match ambient light or be used to build up.

Poli led sign rsquo s team is made up of lighting designers engineers and product specialists which can transform your property from old dingy and dark to safe bright and inviting we can save you up to 70 by creating a more energy efficient lighting solution and also get you the benefits of better lighting.