So i kept my google authenticator solely for the lastpass account well lo and behold if i go to the google authenticator on my web access to the lastpass multifactor settings and edit the google authenticator so that it generates a barcode i then used that to successfully register lastpass on my lastpass authenticator.

Microsoft authenticator app and lastpass are great competitors for managing passwords read our comparison to find out the differences and pick the best one.

Just like lastpass you can copy these at will look through them or change them after unlocking your authenticator app websites will have a logo in the list helping you sort through them all.

Lastpass authenticator is a two factor authentication app for your lastpass account and other supported apps lastpass authenticator offers simple secure authentication to your accounts by.

Other related google authenticator opensource projects can be found as noted below android app pluggable authentication module aka pam there are no account backups in any of the apps by design these apps are not on the app stores and their code has diverged from whats in the app stores so patches here wont necessarily show up in those.

Free users can use authenticator apps such as like lastpass authenticator google authenticator microsoft authenticator toopher duo security or transakt which are safer to use than the.

This is separate from the lastpass password manager app though it offers some synergy with the better known apps password functions installing lastpass authenticator is a snap and if you.

If you use a password manager like lastpass or dashlane you likely already have access to an authenticator tool as well as a vpn dark web monitoring credit monitoring and so on depending on your account type so before you set up a new account with an authenticator app take a look at what you already have if you don rsquo t have an.

Ms authenticator app how to scan qr code dear ms support team ms teams asks me to scan a qr code with the ms authenticator app on my mobile device the app is implemented the account is activated but there is no functionality to scan a qr code shown lastpass you should see a drop down menu with lsquo scan qr code rsquo report abuse report.

As with google authenticator you rsquo ll need to manually add each service for which you use microsoft authenticator on the old device to the app on the new device delete the services from the app on the old device then uninstall the app lastpass there are two ways to move the lastpass authenticator to a new device.

Youll want an authenticator app that backs up account information if you lose your phone or its stolen or broken authy duo mobile lastpass authenticator and microsoft authenticator offer this.

The authenticator app is available for android iphone windows phone and blackberry mobile phones if you however carry two or more of these devices like an ipad and an android mobile phone you can configure the app such that same code is generated on all your devices lastpass and quite a few other web apps now support 2 step.