Most likely you will be able to import from your current password manager or web browser to keeper it supports dashlane 1password zoho and others when it comes to browsers you can import from chrome firefox opera edge and even internet explorer export is available to pdf csv or json file.

For chrome that selection shrinks to bookmarks browsing history cookies passwords and settings no form data though you can rsquo t pick and choose and on firefox you can only move over bookmarks.

Keeper and 1password notably do not automate password updates due to their concerns about security although we like that sticky password allows you to share passwords and set permissions it does.

Keeper password manager digital vault is an elegant and security first password management solution available for all popular platforms and browsers most services allow you to export your.

For comparison keeper password manager digital vault is 34 99 lastpass premium costs 36 per year and sticky password premium comes in at 29 99 per year dashlanes limited essentials plan.

Contacts which is where you can share passwords and set up your emergency contact if you need to make any changes to preferences import or export your data or enable the vpn you can access those settings from the top menu possibly the biggest drawback of the dashlane desktop app is the inability to organize entries into folders some.

Export its data to a csv xls or xlsx file and import it into myki password capture and replay myki offers to save the passwords you use each time you log in.

Added support for importing keeper 16 0 0 json files added option show confirmation dialog when opening a database file whose minor format version is unknown in tools rarr options rarr tab.

All users get syncing of unlimited passwords across all their devices access to accounts online and offline a password generator a security audit security alerts email support 1gb of secure.

Additional features roboform installed all extension only features password audit with security center secure sharing emergency access local only mode advanced customization options import your logins from lastpass dashlane 1password and other password managers export to csv file notes the extension will operate in.

Lastpasss free version has been hobbled by a recent policy change but lastpasss moderately priced paid version is still the best password manager available.