Windows 10 comes with its own built in event log viewer that offers users an in depth image of the processes taking place on their computers if you want to analyze particular event information you can also use third party event viewers.

How to read event viewer log for chkdsk check disk in windows 10 checking your drives for errors every once in a while can help fix some performance issues drive errors can usually be caused by bad sectors improper shutdowns bad.

The windows 10 event viewer is an app that shows a log detailing information about significant events on your computer this information includes automatically downloaded updates errors and warnings in this article youll learn what the event viewer is the different logs it has and most importantly how to access.

Apart from this event log viewer is a beneficial tool to diagnose different types of windows problems along with its description how to open event viewer in windows 10 8 1 8 7 in this section users will know how to launch the event log viewer in windows 10 8 1 7 and vista platform so let rsquo s get started.

The security log records each event as defined by the audit policies you set on each object to view the security log open event viewer in the console tree expand windows logs and then click security the results pane lists individual security events if you want to see more details about a specific event in the results pane click the event.

On windows 10 the event viewer is a handy legacy tool designed to aggregate event logs from apps and system components into an easily digestible structure which you can then analyze to.

After running the script the event id 10 errors related to this event should stop occurring this script doesnt remove any of the existing entries in the event log they would need to be manually cleared out of the application event log.

Windows 11 10 is known for acting up now and again with several types of errors now you may want to get a deeper understanding of the errors and that rsquo s where the event log comes into play.

Open the windows event viewer press windowsr type eventvwr msc and press enter scroll down to application and service logs microsoft windows wfp right click on a log process and select disable log a useful tool to search the event logs by name is nirsofts full event log view.

The default event log viewer in windows 10 is very effective at what it sets out to do but doesn rsquo t do everything one might need from such a.

Note many of the event logs in windows server already provide the network service account access to the common event logs like application and system but the account is not given access to the security event log and other custom event logs to allow the network service account to read event logs on event log forwarders use a gpo.

Yes there is a way to write to the event log you are looking for you dont need to create a new source just simply use the existent one which often has the same name as the eventlogs name and also in some cases like the event log application can be accessible without administrative privileges.

The event viewer is organized by columns like level date and time source and event id at the top click source here to put the list in alphabetical order according to log source you will see iis in the source column for all iis events.

It rsquo s possible to use windows 10 event logs to detect intrusions and malicious activity but some knowledge of critical ids is mandatory to avoid over collection and other issues this article will highlight the most important event ids that you should monitor as a side note you can use these event logs to generate indicators of compromise that you can regularly.