Join dr linda rayor of the cals department of entomology as she discusses the social lives of spiders in particular the social huntsman spiders which live a dramatic life of cooperation and conflict what do these social spiders get out of living with tens to hundreds of their closest of kin find out as dr rayor discusses her research on large gorgeous social.

Research update thymol shows promise as a potential control for greater wax moths members of the uf ifas honey bee research and extension laboratory conducted a research project that led to a publication on the use of essential oils for the control of greater wax moths in honey bee colonies.

I did my own research online and in books i had and soon was quite knowledgeable about lepidoptera the summer before 9th grade i attended bio boot camp the summer camp for kids led by the bohart museum and tabatha yang education and outreach coordinator ldquo this was the experience that led me to choose entomology as a career.

The western conifer seed bug leptoglossus occidentalis was first described in the western united states this true bug of the family coreidae feeds mainly on the seeds and developing cones of several species of conifers and their respective hybrids.

These lesions develop over the course of two weeks during which the skin surrounding the bite turns black dries out and eventually sloughs off these bites take two to four months to fully heal medical entomology 5th ed the mac millan company new york 616 pp howell w m and r l jenkins 2004.

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