Discrepancies between traditional egyptian chronology and the bible are used to attack the bible rsquo s historical accuracy egyptology originally expected to support the history recorded in the old testament has produced a chronology that contradicts the bible this so called traditional egyptian chronology would have the pyramids predate the flood of noah rsquo s.


Charting the dates and lives of the herods concerning the birth of christ and making sense of the differences between competing histories herod the great was a living character described by the bible narrators about the birth of christ 1 therefore the reign dates of this leader and his family are of particular value herod the great founder of a family dynasty in.

The greco egyptian high priest does not mention the hor shems like the turin king list but the coincidence is incredible there are more artifacts that suggest the history of egypt is wrong a orstrich egg deposited in the museum of nubia south of egypt suggests ancient egypt is older than we are told by history and archaeology.

The ldquo santorini rdquo theory is not consistent with bible chronology according to the biblical record the exodus from egypt occurred 480 years before the fourth year of solomon rsquo s reign over israel 1 kgs 6 1 it is now generally accepted based upon archaeological and chronological data that the fourth year of solomon rsquo s reign was about 966.

The papyrus was written in egyptian hieratic script around the 17th century bce but probably based on material from 1 000 years earlier the papyrus is a textbook on trauma surgery and discusses anatomical observations and the examination diagnosis treatment and prognosis of numerous injuries in exquisite detail.

While it is easy to believe that the bible is wrong because of our sheer nature to doubt things that are foreign or hard to us but the truth is the bible is 100 accurate and consistent throughout the old and new testament obviously you have done your research to ldquo prove rdquo the bible is wrong or inconstant but from a neutral standpoint.

A chronology of key events in the history of egypt from 7000 bc to the present day and by 4th century has largely displaced egyptian religion jailed for.

This chronology would suggest that he was born ca 570 bce again ldquo the planets are the hounds of persephone rdquo i e the planets are agents of vengeance for wrong done isocrates had said that some of the egyptian priests studied mathematics but if isocrates thought pythagoras also brought mathematical learning from egypt he has.

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