School psychology is a clinical concentration specializing in the application of educational psychology principles and methods in k 12 school topics include effective instruction methods behavioral and intellectual assessment and program evaluation do online psychology graduate certificate programs require students to be on campus.

Educational psychology by the numbers psychologists including those with educational psychology degrees can look forward to a faster than average job growth projection of 14 from 2018 28 along with a median annual salary of 79 010 the federal government healthcare practitioners offices educational institutions and support services.

The department of educational psychology epsy is home to a variety of interrelated disciplines and degree options focused on human development and well being in educational and community contexts our undergraduate programs prepare students to work with children and youth in a variety of community and school contexts.

Graduate programs the department of master of arts program educational specialist program in school psychology please note that both the clinical doctoral program and the school psychology programs in the department of psychology may lead to professional licensure the following questions relate to your potential ability to receive.