Dr mccullough is an internist cardiologist epidemiologist and professor of medicine at texas a m college of medicine dallas tx usa on the infection and has commented extensively on the medical response to the covid 19 crisis in thehill and on fox news channel on november 19 2020 dr mccullough testified in the us senate.

Two days later the 71 year old cardiologist fell ill with covid 19 according to the organizer of the one day gathering and two other people with direct knowledge.

He has been a featured guest on many national radio and television shows including cnn msnbc fox on health the dr oz the doctors and 700 club shows and the today show meet dr sinatra what is earthing or grounding.

Leading cardiologist says researchers are refusing to publish supporting study results that a weekly fox news channel show and a simulcast presence on fox nation but the former nypd cop and secret service agent is a man of action the nurse recorded discussions with her medical colleagues who are also concerned about the covid vaccine.

17 year old diagnosed with heart condition after receiving covid vaccine father tells fox friends dr saphier says cdc must look closer at universal recommendation of vaccines for younger people.

Baton rouge la brproud on any given day st joseph baptist church is a place of worship friday however they were a community heart screening center church member patricia stewart says it.

A michigan cardiologist became suspicious of apple rsquo s new magnetic charging technology so he passed an iphone 12 over the chest of a patient with an implantable defibrillator mdash and was stunned.

A leading cardiologist in the uk has warned that a colleague of his is finding it impossible to get research published because it definitively links covid vaccines to a massive increase in heart attacks dr aseem malhotra related how he was contacted by a researcher from a prestigious british institution who said that he had found concrete.

Gundry rsquo s paper revealed that following the mrna covid injections the chance of developing heart disease jumped from 11 to 25 ldquo now what this research has shown is that markers associated with increasing the risk of heart attack and probably even progression of underlying heart disease in people who have already got some heart disease have seen a.

Dr oz rsquo s involvement with sham obesity treatments isn rsquo t just limited to green coffee he is also quite happy to shill for garcinia cambogia which he.

A retired cardiologist and one of the keys rsquo most recognized doctors touched off a category 5 social media storm on july 28 with a facebook post that called dr anthony fauci a ldquo fraud rdquo and accused ldquo big pharma rdquo of a ldquo major cover up rdquo the post promptly went viral and garnered more than 1 000 comments in the.

An air traffic controller is heard asking dr sugata das an arizona cardiologist and pilot of the deadly flight the air traffic controller then became more specific in.

Doctors say only 50 of people know the signs of a heart attack this is vital because sadly from december 25 january 1 more people die.

Fox 5 san diego san diego 48 deg a cardiologist working with peloton commented on the events of the scene but clarified that big rsquo s ldquo lifestyle choices rdquo were.

Truthzilla sat down with dr peter mccullough cardiologist internist and epidemiologist who is the leading expert on early covid treatment courageously informing the public about vaccine risk source dr peter mccullough from the frontline the power of early intervention including recommendations and recipes truth for health foundation.

St louis ap mdash prosecutors have dismissed charges against a former st louis police officer accused of forcing a pregnant mother of.

World renowned cardiologist dr peter mccullough discusses the proven devastating harm from covid 19 vaccine reactions particularly in young people petermccullough myocarditis posted november 8 2021.

Dr scot a youngblood md speaking to the san diego county board of supervisors meeting a global class action lawsuit is coming crimes against humanity crimes against humanity the pcr test fraud and covid 19 will be the case of the century reiner fuellmich update on court case p.

Jake west was a seemingly healthy 17 year old when he collapsed during high school football practice in indiana and died of sudden cardiac arrest a video widely shared online falsely suggests covid 19 vaccination is to blame weaving headlines about him into a rapid fire compilation of news coverage about athletes collapsing the vaccine played no role in.

Salt lake city mdash a st george family warns of a rare but life threatening complication of covid 19 that put their 6 year old in the intensive care unit.

Renowned cardiologist dr peter mccullough dropped some major truth bombs regarding the ldquo coordinated and planned rdquo covid 19 pandemic during an appearance on the joe rogan podcast monday ldquo we had in a sense the fox guarding the chicken coop rdquo he said ldquo we had the wrong people leading the programs and then we didn rsquo t have the.

It is advised that myocarditis patients speak with a cardiologist before resuming exercise or sports dr salma elfaki holds a vial of moderna covid 19 vaccine at a moderna clinical trial for.

They both carved out sterling reputations as military and political leaders over years of public service but both also saw their legacies tarnished by their actions in the long bloody war in iraq former secretary of state colin powell and former defense secretary donald rumsfeld are among the many noteworthy people who died in 2021.