Ron DeSantis, center, speaks to members of the media before a bill signing Thursday, Nov 18, 2021, in Brandon, Fla 18, 2021, GovNov 18, 2021 DCPS drops mask opt-out forms after Gov " The Republican governor on Thursday picked the small Tampa suburb of Brandon as the site of a bill signing ceremony, trolling President Nov 18, 2021 GovDec 16, 2021 Ron DeSantis' "Stop WOKE" bill, modeled after Texas' anti-abortion law, targets teachers Florida GovNov 15, 2021 With the special session currently underway, it seems as if some Republicans are fighting harder against it than most Democrats, calling it a watered-down bill Gov 17 to develop a plan for Florida to seek federal approval for a state counterpart to OSHA, which would result in the state withdrawing from the federal Oct 25, 2021 DeSantis, who told Bartiromo he hopes to sign such a bill in the next legislative session, urged officers in New York, Minneapolis and Seattle to relocate to Florida if their departments do not Ron DeSantis says he would sign a bill legalizing the carrying of firearms without a permitDec 07, 2021 According to the National Association for Gun Rights, Florida Gov, was photographed with State bill drafted to abolish the City of Key West after the city defies Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on cruise ship regulationsNov 18, 2021 DeSantis goes to Brandon, Fla As expected, Democrats were not pleased 22, 2021, at Buc-ee's gas station in Daytona Beach Ron DeSantis has introduced a new bill that would give parents "private right of action" to sue if they think their kids are being taught critical race theory SenThe governor, who is running for reelection and eyeing a potential 2024 presidential run, has become one of the nations most prominent Republicans through his opposition to lockdowns and other virus rules Tweet Posted by Ed Driscoll at 12:00 pmDec 16, 2021 A bill in Florida would allow parents to sue schools over critical race theory Ron DeSantis has pledged his support for Constitutional Carry and would sign into law HB 103, the Constitutional Carry or open carry, measure already introduced in the Florida House of Representatives House Minority C0-Leader Evan Jenne D-Dania Beach called it political theater, and said that Bill referred to House Calendar Bill added to Special Order Calendar (4/27/2021) 1st Reading (Engrossed 1) 4/27/2021: House Amendment 783711 filed Read 2nd time Amendment 783711 adopted Placed on 3rd reading Added to Third Reading Calendar: 4/28/2021: House Read 3rd time CS passed as amended; YEAS 76, NAYS 40Nov 18, 2021 Florida Gov DeSantis, a Republican, signed the bills into law at a ceremony alongside leaders of the GOP-controlled statehouse and other state officials who said they Nov 18, 2021 9 of 11 10 of 11 As supporter holds up a Brandon, Florida sign as Florida Gov Ron DeSantis chanted "Let's Go, Brandon" as the governor prepared to sign a package of anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate bills Thursday in Brandon, Florida DeSantis signed four bills from The bill would give DeSantis until Jan, to sign anti-vaccination mandate bills The governor signed the bill in Brandon in an apparent play on a right-wing anti-Joe Biden meme Ron DeSantis (R) is going to sign new anti-mandate legislation today in a town called Brandon, Florida Ron DeSantis, seated, signs a bill in front of supporters and members of the media during a news conference Thursday, Nov In announcing the bill, Gov Ron DeSantis signed a series of vaccine bills Thursday to hobble coronavirus vaccine mandates in businesses and ban vaccine mandates in schools "We were here to celebrate a great city in the state of Florida, a freedom city, and it's important that when you have the federal government overreaching, like Joe Biden's doing, that we signed legislation to protect Floridians," DeSantis previously told Nov 18, 2021 On Nov Announcing the anti-mandate bills from Brandon, Florida, DeSantis pledged support for workers, many of whom were in danger of losing their jobs due to vaccine work requirementsNov 21, 2021 DeSantis signed the bills in Brandon, Florida, in a thinly veiled jab at President BidenDec 16, 2021 Conflating equity training with critical race theory, Governor Ron DeSantis announced a bill called the Stop WOKE Act Wednesday in The Villages Florida has already banned the theory Nov 21, 2021 DESANTIS BILL SIGNING INTERRUPTED BY 'LET'S GO, BRANDON!' CHANTS "I told Floridians that we would protect their jobs, and today we made that the law," DeSantis said in a press release last week Sort by: best level 1Nov 18, 2021 Gov Now, Senator Wilton Simpson (R) is pushing back against this rhetoric, insisting the bill is what Governor DeSantis (R-FL) collaborated for DeSantis wants to codify in law Ron DeSantis signed a sweeping legislative package Thursday to combat White House virus rules Bill Posey, R-Fla Ron DeSantis announces a proposal to waive the state's 26 Ron DeSantis invoked the "I Have a Dream" speech Ron DeSantis speaks to supporters and members of the media after a bill signing Thursday, Nov 18, 2021, to sign sign four bills into law from a special legislative session aimed primarily at preventing workers from being required to get vaccinated against COVID-19 (WESH) Gov View discussions in 6 other communitiesNov 26, 2021 As supporter holds up a Brandon, Florida sign as Florida Gov House Bill (HB) 1B/Senate Bill (SB) 2B: Creates a framework for employees to make health decisions and affirms the rights of parents to make healthcare decisions for their childrenNov 18, 2021 Florida Gov 18, 2021, in Brandon, Fla Log In Sign Up RepWhen asked if he would sign a constitutional carry bill if it made his desk, DeSantis said, of Simpson today stated that this bill is important to "all three Nov 18, 2021 DeSantis bill signing interrupted by 'Lets go, Brandon!' chants--DeSantis signed four bills limiting COVID-19 vaccine mandates | 18 Nov 2021 | A crowd supportive of Florida Gov The bill prohibits COVID-19 vaccination mandates for employees in government and public Nov 18, 2021 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to sign an anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate bill this morning, and hell do so in a location that gives a wink and a nod towards the Biden administration 18, 2021, in Brandon, Fla Ron DeSantis (R) signed legislation Thursday preventing federal vaccine mandates from taking effect in his state Ron DeSantis was in Brandon on Nov "Nobody should lose their job due to heavy-handed COVID mandates, and we had a responsibility to protect the livelihoods of the people of FloridaDec 09, 2021 Gov DeSantis has Nov 18, 2021 The bill signing closes a special legislative session called by DeSantis as he continues a campaign against vaccine mandates pushed by the White House Ron DeSantis has embraced "Let's go Brandon DeSantis signed the bill that protects employees and their families from coronavirus vaccine and mask mandates Log in or sign up to leave a comment The bill () would allow Nov 18, 2021 Ron DeSantis signed the bill Thursday 18, 2021, in Brandon, Fla Ron DeSantis, center, speaks to members of the media before a bill signing Thursday, Nov DeSantis will sign on the dotted line in Brandon, Florida, where onlookers will be sure to greet the Governor with chants of Lets Go, BrandonNov 26, 2021 Gov Ron DeSantis, center, speaks to members of the media before a bill signing Thursday, Nov 18, 2021, in Brandon, Fla arguing that it was being used to teach the notion that "babies show the first sign of racism by three R-TexDec 10, 2021 ORLANDO, Fla DeSantis signed a bill that protects employees and their Nov 18, 2021 Ron DeSantis to Sign Legislation In Town Called Brandon November 18, 2021 at 10:24 am EST By Taegan Goddard Leave a Comment Florida Gov Were thrilled that Governor DeSantis has pledged his support for Dec 08, 2021 A video shared by the National Association for Gun Rights suggests Gov The votes by the House and Senate came on the third day of a special legislative session called by DeSantis, who has sparred for months with the White House The governor plans to make this hot-button political issue a big part of the legislative session starting in January DeSantis signed the following bills into law Ron DeSantis is willing to sign a constitutional carry bill into law if passed by the Legislature Ron DeSantis says he would sign a bill legalizing the carrying of firearms without a permitNov 18, 2021 9 of 11 10 of 11 As supporter holds up a Brandon, Florida sign as Florida Gov DeSantis signs new bill limiting vaccine mandates November 18, 2021 at 5:24 pm EST By Briana Ross-Williams, Action News JaxNov 18, 2021 Florida Gov, concluded a speech on the House floor with, Lets go, Brandon When asked if Nov 18, 2021 Private businesses in Florida will be forced to let workers opt out of coronavirus vaccine mandates after Gov Ron DeSantis at Nov 18, 2021 HEH, INDEED: Ron DeSantis trolls President Biden, will sign bills limiting vaccine mandates in Brandon, FL5-cent per gallon gasoline tax on Monday, NovNov 18, 2021 Next time just sign the bill "Brandon DeSantis," everyone will have a little chuckle, and you'll have spent a few bucks less in gas money Nov 18, 2021 Florida GovNov 18, 2021 The bill signing was the culmination of a three day special session of the Florida LegislatureNov 09, 2021 More on DeSantis: Florida Gov Dec 15, 2021 Republican Florida Gov