An account balance is the amount of money in a financial repository such as a savings or checking account at any given moment.

Capital account definition in economics the capital account is the part of the balance of payments that records net changes in a country rsquo s financial assets and liabilities.

T account definition august 01 2021 steven bragg what is a t account a t account is a graphic representation of a general ledger account the name of the account is placed above the t sometimes along with the account number debit entries are depicted to the left of the t and credits are shown to the right of the t.

Offset account definition july 09 2021 steven bragg what is an offset account an offset account is an account that is paired with and offsets another account the other account contains a gross balance and the offset account reduces this balance resulting in a net balance for balance sheet presentation purposes these two accounts may be.

Money and economics go hand in hand the former being used to purchase goods and services explore money as a unit of account including its function importance and an example of how money works.

Define account for account for synonyms account for pronunciation account for translation english dictionary definition of account for n 1 a narrative or record of events 2.