Climate-related impacts are occurring across the country and over many sectors of our economy This tool will estimate carbon pollution emissions from your daily activities and show how to reduce your emissions and save money through simple steps Solar thermal power plants use heat from the sun to create Jul 14, 2016 An interactive calculator to estimate your household's carbon footprintSolar Thermal Technology EPA on issues of climate changeglobal warming, including climate change science, greenhouse gas emissions data, frequently asked questions, climate change impacts and adaptation, what EPA is doing, and what you can do EPA is committed to advancing the goals of environmental justice for all Americans, including those historically marginalized, overburdened, underserved, and living with the legacy of structural racismS The scientific information and tools can be used by communities to effectively, equitably and sustainably tackle the climate crisisDec 20, 2016 For example, climate change can alter rainfall, influence crop yields, affect human health, cause changes to forests and other ecosystems, and even impact our energy supply Another way to tap solar energy is by collecting the sun's heat Information on EPA Climate Change research is provided on this pageJan 19, 2017 Comprehensive information from UNov 22, 2021 EPA research improves knowledge of the impacts of climate change on human health and the environmentOct 22, 2021 EPA tracks and reports greenhouse gas emissions, leverages sound science, and works to reduce emissions to combat climate changeThis website provides an interactive guide to the issues of global warming and climate change, targeted to a middle school audience but accessible to the public at large Explore the impacts of climate change by region, by sector, or by state