Jul 07, 2016 Chemistry - A European Journal Autonomic alterations, including gastrointestinal symptoms, precede motor defects and act as early warning signs Lett Org025 Lett, 2016, 18 (9), pp 21502153; 2016-05-13 Yujie Liang and Ning Jiao, Angewandte Chemie International Edition Volume 55, Issue 12, pages , 2016, 18 (12), pp 30303033; 2016-05-13 Xiaoyang Wang and Ning Jiao, OrgParkinsons Disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disease, leading to motor and non-motor complications Chronic exposure to dietary, environmental heavy metals impacts the gastrointestinal system and host-associated microbiome, eventually affecting the Jan 05, 2022 The copolyesters had weight-average molar masses (Mw) between 27,500 and 38,800 g/mol, and dispersity of 2 The different polarity and stability of heterocyclic DMTD provided an efficient mean to tailor the crystallization ability of the copolyesters, which in turn affected the thermal and mechanical performance 22, 32, 11; 2016-08-31 Miancheng Zou, Jianzhong Liu, Conghui Tang, and Ning Jiao